We are always striving for excellence

Site Inspection

Our standard process begins with a site visit to confirm ease of site access, grease trap size and to ensure your grease trap is performing efficiently. 

We employ a team of highly skilled professionals that are friendly and reliable.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Pumping out, cleaning and maintenance of your grease trap. This includes empty liquid and solid debris scraping, removing blockages hosing and deodorisation of the grease trap.

We clean, automatic grease traps, converter grease traps, Big Dipper, simply stainless, Mac trap, Simply stainless, King Grease, Dux Actamatic, passive in ground and above ground traps.

Waste Removal & Treatment

Fats, grease and oils are removed, treated and disposed in accordance with safety and environmental standards.

Our zero-impact environment policy ensures your waste has a minimal impact on the environment.